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Introducing CPR™: Cost Per Revenue*

Get the clicks and impressions for free; you only pay when the sale happens. Our service utilizes The Empyr CPR Network, which successfully represents 100M+ consumers and 1,500+ websites and apps.

Step 1: Create a Cash Back Offer for Your Customers

Retail stores, restaurants, local services, and more

create offers such as 10% cash back

Step 2: Customers Easily Link Credit or Debit Cards

Consumers can quickly and easily link their payment method of choice to YOUR OFFERS.

Step 3: Customers Shop at Your Location

The consumers simply pay you with their linked payment method.  You collect 100% of the transaction!

We will notify your customer of their reward within seconds.

The cash back is deposited each month directly to the consumer's bank accoun

Enjoy real-time reporting on in-store sales

Be the ultimate master of your marketing efficacy. Track online impressions all the way through to in-store sales. View your analytics dashboard easily from your phone or tablet.

See Progressive Lift in Sales!

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and pay only for in-store sales!

USA Only for this service

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  • Businesses who rely on in-store sales have always relied on Pay Per Click advertising, which doesn’t provide the ROI or tracking information that you need.
  • With Cost Per Revenue (CPR), we’ve combined the power of card-linked tech with customer rewards to allow real-time analytics and tracking, allowing you to market online but pay only when you see in-store revenue.
  • CPR delivers the best of both worlds: digital advertising that drives in-stores sales traffic without costing you a fortune. Contact us today to get started with CPR!
  • Also key to boosting your online presence? An SEO strategy that WORKS. Don’t waste time and money on SEO strategies that simply don’t get results. Learn more about our PPR SEO service.

Investing in your online brand today yields multifold benefits tomorrow. We offer comprehensive services to boost your business’ online presence at an affordable rate.

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